Our Commitment

At Hyzon Motors, our philosophy is “think big and start small”. Following this approach, our team members have been building the foundations for zero-emission mobility since 2003.

Our team brings almost 20 years of experience in the hydrogen ecosystem, from fuel cell tech to manufacturing, and, together, we are now accelerating decarbonization in one of the hardest to abate sectors: heavy duty transportation.

As a global, clean mobility company, it is our aim everyday to do our business everyday in a way that brings environmental benefits to the world, in a socially responsible manner, and with the appropriate corporate governance framework.

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Environmental Commitment

Environmental Dedication

Our ambition at Hyzon Motors is to be an “environmental enabler”.

We want to equip private and public fleet operators with zero-emission vehicles, helping them meet ambitious environmental standards and contribute to global decarbonization.

To that end, we have developed and continue to enhance our hydrogen fuel cells. Hyzon hydrogen powered vehicles, equipped with our own proprietary fuel cells (which lead the industry in power density) provide zero-emission transportation to our customers. At the same time, our fuel cells enable faster refueling and longer driving ranges between refueling stops as compared to electric alternatives, making them an even more compelling alternative to diesel engines for the commercial market.

Hyzon is not only committed to providing zero-emission mobility solutions to the commercial market, but is actively engaged in building and fostering a clean hydrogen ecosystem. Mirroring Hyzon's global footprint, The Hyzon Zero Carbon Alliance aims to bring stakeholders from across the hydrogen lifecycle together worldwide, creating international networks of expertise to enable the growth of the hydrogen economy in an economically and environmentally efficient way.

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Governance Commitment

Hyzon's global reach and ambition also means we must commit ourselves to the highest standards of governance, including those related to anti-bribery and corruption, conflict of interest, remuneration policy and diversity.

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