Our Commitment

At Hyzon, our goal is to accelerate the clean energy transition by providing zero-emission vehicles with no compromise on power or range, and access to an ecosystem of renewable, affordable hydrogen. Our team members have been building the foundations for zero-emission mobility since 2003.

As a global clean mobility company, it is our aim to conduct business in a way that brings environmental benefits to the world in a socially responsible manner and with the appropriate corporate governance framework.

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Environmental Commitment

Environmental Dedication

Hyzon is not only committed to providing zero-emission mobility solutions to the commercial market, but is actively engaged in building and fostering a clean hydrogen ecosystem. Hyzon collaborates with partners to provide renewable inputs and non-combustion production technologies necessary to produce hydrogen with low-to-negative carbon intensity.

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Governance Commitment

Hyzon's global reach and ambition also means we must commit ourselves to the highest standards of governance, including those related to anti-bribery and corruption, conflict of interest, remuneration policy and diversity.

Hyzon is committed to promoting diversity within its workforce and on its board.

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